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Clitoris envy

Freud invented the myth of the penis envy. In fact, that “envy” is for the male role in a patriarchal society. And there is not envy, but just the desire of playing other roles except the one of a submissive individual with no personal goals, no real choices, no dreams, no social achievements than serving a man and his offspring.

But the case may be exactly the opposite. In fact there is clitoris envy, not penis envy. The female organ of pleasure deserved to be envied, not the penis. And the Ancient people seemed to know it. Sexual mutilation, the excision of the clitoris, a patriarchal practice in many a culture, is a proof. The extraordinary capacity to have sex and enjoy pleasure was noticed by the Ancient Greeks.

There are more reasons to envy a clitoris, which offers a lot of sexual rewards in almost any conditions, independent of the visual stimuli. That”s why so few women suffer from sexual problems, I mean sexual problems which can result in a criminal record. They don’t need any strong stimulus in order to get aroused or to orgasm. They can satisfy themselves any time without any dirty, horrible or degrading image. Did you hear about women who get aroused when watching an arson or some hard porn?

All women need is sexual freedom. Not even a partner… Unfortunately, in patriarchy, most women are not free and sexually active. Waiting sexual pleasure from a man is just patriarchal. Men are not the masters of women’s pleasure. They hardly can satisfy themselves.

The triumph of irrationality and misogyny

Men use to say how irrational women are, and rationality is related to the male genius. Women only feel, but most of the time they feel wrong.
But an entire history of patriarchy shows that men are extraordinary at inventing myths and perverting the truth. The lies told by them are hard to believe, but they have their means to impose them.

Such an incredible lie is that men can be women. Men can compete as women at the Olympic games and not only. I am wondering what would have said poor Pierre de Coubertin (the founder of the International Olympic Committee) about it. Is it this the Olympic spirit?

An entire planet watched a young gymnast being disqualified, and the gold medal being retrieved from her because she treated her coldness with a banal medicin (Nurofen). It was so frustrating, but this was the rule.
Unfortunately the rule apply only to women, not men. If Nurofen changes performances (in fact it has a destructive effect on them), male hormones for an entire life don’t. But only when used by women, not men. A man can compete as a woman, if he feels like a woman. I am wondering what would have happened if Andreea Raducanu, the gymnast, victim of the hard rules of dopping, has have said she just felt she didn’t take Nurofen. But she didn’t. She was ill, she had fever, but nobody cared.

The reason for sporting competitions is to see the natural performances of the human body. That is why dopping is forbidden. Is it someone who doesn’t know men are stronger and bigger than women? Is the reason of the sporting competitions to see the differences between people who feel some way? Do you imagine a medal for the athletes who feel sad or happy or interested in math?

But any human endeavor transforms itself into a business. This is what happened with the Olympic games and sport in general. People in charge share money, benefits, fame. And exploit the weak ones. Women can be exploited, erased etc, just because they are not dangerous. They have no political power, they are not violent, they have no strong lobby. Nobody cares about them.

Now, some sports are only for men. It depends how they feel like. Women are excluded, as always. A lot of sacrifices and work proved to be useless. I think the correct attitude of women athletes and women in general is to boycott the sports where trans people are allowed.

Test for a feminist ally

A good article, written by a feminist psychologist, inspired me for this little post.

If a man says he is an ally for the women’s cause, he should answer this question: Do you accept a woman to be the most powerful person in the world? Politically, I mean. The richest one? Do you accept that more women than men to be wealthy, more women to be more powerful?

Most likely, no. This kind of men just want to impress women with accepting them as human beings, accepting them to go closer to men’s privileges. But not entirely. They allways want to ba one stept further than any woman. Or above, it depends. Most men just want to exploit women, as society does and did for 6000 years. At various levels. Some of them say they want strong women. As slaves…..

Heterosexual relationships in patriarchy

April 8 2020

Heterosexual relationships in patriarchy are toxic for women. if they want to enter such a relationship, women have to prove their patriarchal value, i.e. the talent of being submissive. If they want to keep their relationships, they have to keep being submissive, fake, they have to give up their dreams, dignity, and pursuit of happiness. Such relationships are only for a little material and social security, not for happiness. Because women have no real access to resources, they are exploited. This shows what women are in patriarchy: slaves. Only slaves live for survival.
Society is not interested in women happiness and well being. If so, such relationships would have been forbidden and women would have been protected against them by law. Now, in quarantine and isolation, women are in a bigger danger at home than in the open. Because domestic violence kills more women than this virus. But women safety doesn’t matter. Maybe domestic violence should be named “patriarchal violence”. Women are beaten and killed because they express themselve, they tell what they don’t like, because they don’t behave like sclaves. A woman who doesn’t play her part as an object may be killed.

The myths of patriarchy

Along the history of patriarchy, a lot of myths were created in order to explain the inferior position of women in society, including the sexual restrictions. The Bible and the Greek legends are such examples. Only the modern age, with its “sciences” like Freudian psychoanalysis and sociobiology ( evolutionary psychology) dares to claim that this is what women want. Only this time transformed women into natural prostitutes whose only reward in life is breeding as many kids they can. The Ancient people had not the courage to pretend such nonsenses.

Covid-19 and patriarchy

March 18 2020

For the women here: what is worse, covid 19 or patriarchy? I think covid 19 gives you chances. Patriarchy kills more women directly (domestic violence, forced birth, septic abortions when abortions are banned ) and alterates their lives more than the isolation or quarantine. Living in patriarchy is like a perpetual fight with an unseen enemy which is everywhere, like a virus.

The 8 of March

March 8 2020

Today is the day of women rights. This day should be the day of the fight against patriarchy. In patriarchy women are not human beings, but slaves, i.e. talking tools. Even today, women have not full political, economic rights. In the Ancient Athens, slaves had no right to be elected, because any sexual abused person was dirthy, she or he was not able to take care of a community, if she or he was not able to take care of her or his body. And slavery was often associated to sexual abuse.
A women’s fate is still sexual abuse. A woman can’t be admirabile for her deeds, her ideas, her tallents, but her ability to serve men, especially men of power. Womenhood is still associated to ” femininity”, i.e. patriarchal submission. A woman is more valuable if she has children than if she has crucial scientific, artistic or political contributions for most people. Because women are still women, slaves. Real power is still related to birth, not merits. It still belongs to men.
If there is a force than can change this situation, this force is female solidarity, feminism, which would dismantle patriarchy.

Banning feminism

February 18 2020

The word “feminist” in any post or book review can be banned. I can’t publish feminist book review or promote my feminist book or site on some groups

Updated: July 10, 2020 — 2:04 pm

Celebration of patriarchal relationships

February 14 2020

Today, patriarchal relationships, based on buying and corrupting women with gifts, are celebrated. We need to celebrate free relationships, based on real female choice and pleasure. Have we such a feast? No. We need such a day for celebrating female free initiation and choice in relationships. We have to celebrate lesbianism. But if free, equal, pleasant het relationships initiated by women are possible (which I doubt), we have to celebrate them too. Free choice and love for women! Not female material enslavering in patriarchy!

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