Radical feminist medicine

As Martin Luther once stated, women’s health and lives don’t matter. If women die in childbirth, it is not a tragedy, because this is their only reason to be (i.e. incubators for children). Women don’t live for themselves, but as tools for fulfilling basic men’s needs as reproduction and survival. They have to give birth, to be sexually available and work hard for serving men. And when they grow old, they have to die. When they become sexually uninteresting, they have to work.

Health, like happiness, is a luxury for second-class citizens like women. Because man is the standard for everything, including health, most clinical studies are conducted on men. The official claim is that women of reproductive age can be harmed by such studies. But in fact, their only reason to be around, and consequently, men’s interests, may be harmed.

Clinical studies centered on women, other medical studies centered on women, considering women the basic sex in humans, as scientifically it is, will be presented here. A new vision on women’s health will be promoted.

New Contraception

Contraception, although was useful mainly for men, for their sexual freedom, gave some body autonomy to women, who were enslaved by their reproduction. Contraception also gave mobility to women, they ceased to be as dependent on their partners (husbands) as they used to be. But the development of contraception was influenced by the church (patriarchy), it is not women-friendly as it can be.

In other species, females have more control over their reproduction, just because they don’t reproduce around the year, except the species lives in a warm environment (close to the equator). Women can reproduce when they want, by controlling their ovulation.  New contraception, based on women needs and special female biology in humans, can be developed. Sexuality and reproduction have to be free and rewarding for women.


The official patriarchal propaganda supports the total reproductive control in women. They should have sex and reproduce when men want and like. They should live under pressure, terrorized by their biological clock, which would make them desperate and full of complexes, vulnerable to men. If they grow old and lose their sex appeal, they should stop reproducing and having sex. Menopause, which has disastrous effects on women’s health. is seen as a natural program, adapted to women’s role of grandmothers. Yes, it is not a joke! It is mainstream (patriarchal) science. Menopause, most likely an unhappy by-product of evolution, in a species with such a low fertility, is viewed as fulfilling a social role. Although it was simple to relate it to biochemical peculiarities, the social role of menopause was extended to other mammalian species, in which a similar phenomenon is registered. They claim female killer whales have menopause in order to make their sons live longer!!! This is against their own Darwinian paradigm, according to it any organism aims to increase its own fitness (the capacity of having viable offspring, able to reproduce). It is about sons, as we see, as the Church recommended.

Menopause is degeneration and it should be cured and prevented like any disease associated with aging. Women should reproduce and have sex when they want. Aging itself, as Solanas stated in SCUM Manifesto, may be cured in a non-patriarchal world.

Our facebook group and page Feminist medicine were created with this purpose.


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