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The triumph of irrationality and misogyny

Men use to say how irrational women are, and rationality is related to the male genius. Women only feel, but most of the time they feel wrong.
But an entire history of patriarchy shows that men are extraordinary at inventing myths and perverting the truth. The lies told by them are hard to believe, but they have their means to impose them.

Such an incredible lie is that men can be women. Men can compete as women at the Olympic games and not only. I am wondering what would have said poor Pierre de Coubertin (the founder of the International Olympic Committee) about it. Is it this the Olympic spirit?

An entire planet watched a young gymnast being disqualified, and the gold medal being retrieved from her because she treated her coldness with a banal medicin (Nurofen). It was so frustrating, but this was the rule.
Unfortunately the rule apply only to women, not men. If Nurofen changes performances (in fact it has a destructive effect on them), male hormones for an entire life don’t. But only when used by women, not men. A man can compete as a woman, if he feels like a woman. I am wondering what would have happened if Andreea Raducanu, the gymnast, victim of the hard rules of dopping, has have said she just felt she didn’t take Nurofen. But she didn’t. She was ill, she had fever, but nobody cared.

The reason for sporting competitions is to see the natural performances of the human body. That is why dopping is forbidden. Is it someone who doesn’t know men are stronger and bigger than women? Is the reason of the sporting competitions to see the differences between people who feel some way? Do you imagine a medal for the athletes who feel sad or happy or interested in math?

But any human endeavor transforms itself into a business. This is what happened with the Olympic games and sport in general. People in charge share money, benefits, fame. And exploit the weak ones. Women can be exploited, erased etc, just because they are not dangerous. They have no political power, they are not violent, they have no strong lobby. Nobody cares about them.

Now, some sports are only for men. It depends how they feel like. Women are excluded, as always. A lot of sacrifices and work proved to be useless. I think the correct attitude of women athletes and women in general is to boycott the sports where trans people are allowed.

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