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The legend of the “white savior”

December 27 2019

Do you believe that there is such a things as ” a white savior”? This weird notion was used for people, especially ingenios young women, who wanted to save people from other populations ( and cultures?). Because there is no biological “race” in humans. “Race’ is a political and social notion, with historical implications. But I repeat: biologically, în our species there is no race. But there is a particular case of the species of “White saviors”, that one who wants to save women, other women from other “races”. This is called ” the white savior of all women”. Most of the time, this woman says Islam is bad, patriarchy is bad. Maybe there are more species of unicorns. Taxonomy is complex:) I got very angry when I heard about these species! Only speaking about ” a white savior” is racist. Because everything in Europe is from other places since the beginning of the European civilization. Without the wheat from the Middle East, there were no European civilization. If we don’t take into account the people from the Middle East who migrated in Europe and brought agriculture. Most inventions in the Ancient time and the Middle Age came from Asia. Then, after the great geograhic discoveries, other crops and other products helped the huge progress in Europe, supported by colonialism. So, where are the white saviors? All the world saved them. I use to say that there are so many blond people because of Columbus. Columbus discovered America and potatoes , a local corp, were brought into Europe And potatoes made the population in Nothern Europe thrive. We know what happened when patotoes were destroyed. Because all the world “saved” Europeans, they are now ( we don’t know for how long) able to help other people, who were not so lucky. If a European politician opposes abuses on other continents, she is not a white savior, but she’s doing her job. If any white western person wants to help people in need she or he is not a white savior, only not a psychpath. I think ” a white savior” is a racist notion. Why? Because any person in any place of this world has the same right of being happy. Nobody deserves to be oppresed, robbed just for the place she or he was born etc. Where the sufragists “white saviors of all women?” No! There were black, Chinese and native American women who fought for emancipation. But sufragists really helped all women. I never thought of Pope John Paul the second of a blue eyed savior of my brown eyed people, because he fought against communism. Progress, culture, wealth are not “white”. They are human. If you know a little history, it is easy to see that empires fall, civilizations disappear and progress changes its places. I don’t feel offended at all because some Chinese and Indians “saved” my ancestors with compasses, silk, cotton, porcellain, maybe vaccins. Anyway, those times are coming back. As an Arab feminist said: there is only one civilization. Only some people ( especially politicians) from everywhere have the interest to keep other people without rights, under terror and without access to resources. Some of them are white, some are not. Some people care about other people. Some of them are white, some are not.

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