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Clitoris envy

Freud invented the myth of the penis envy. In fact, that “envy” is for the male role in a patriarchal society. And there is not envy, but just the desire of playing other roles except the one of a submissive individual with no personal goals, no real choices, no dreams, no social achievements than serving a man and his offspring.

But the case may be exactly the opposite. In fact there is clitoris envy, not penis envy. The female organ of pleasure deserved to be envied, not the penis. And the Ancient people seemed to know it. Sexual mutilation, the excision of the clitoris, a patriarchal practice in many a culture, is a proof. The extraordinary capacity to have sex and enjoy pleasure was noticed by the Ancient Greeks.

There are more reasons to envy a clitoris, which offers a lot of sexual rewards in almost any conditions, independent of the visual stimuli. That”s why so few women suffer from sexual problems, I mean sexual problems which can result in a criminal record. They don’t need any strong stimulus in order to get aroused or to orgasm. They can satisfy themselves any time without any dirty, horrible or degrading image. Did you hear about women who get aroused when watching an arson or some hard porn?

All women need is sexual freedom. Not even a partner… Unfortunately, in patriarchy, most women are not free and sexually active. Waiting sexual pleasure from a man is just patriarchal. Men are not the masters of women’s pleasure. They hardly can satisfy themselves.

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