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Honor killings and patriarchy

S2 Ep 4 Excerpt | Honor Killings: The Real War on Women

Did you know that in Islamic law, a parent who kills a child suffers no penalty?

Publicată de Michelle Malkin Investigates pe Marţi, 26 Iunie 2018


In patriarchal societies, women are a valuable merchandise (maybe the most valuable). They are raised by a family in order to be sold to another. And if a woman breaks this deal by falling in love with a man (or woman) and going with this person, she cancels an important contract between families the society is based upon. It is like cheating in business. In this case, the broken merchandise should be destroyed. That means the woman should be killed. And this happens more often than we think. And very important, it is not about Islam or another related religion, it is about patriarchy. Religion was created in order to support patriarchy, not the other way around. Hinduism, a very old and polytheistic religion, supports it.

Necrophilia, patriarchy and BDSM

Andrea Dworkin, in “Woman hating”, treats the subject of necrophilia as an important trait of patriarchal sexual phantasies. Vivid women are not sexy, they are annoying, boring, stressful. A woman should shut up and listen or shut up and become a sexual object. Dworkin makes an analysis of some fairy tales and comes to the conclusion that dead women are the sexiest in patriarchal male imagery. Snow white is the main example. Because dead women don’t talk, don’t oppose horrible sexual practices, they just don’t move and are quite. Submissive small, weak Asian women are very well represented in pornography and not only.

The new industry of BDSM satisfy male necrophilia. See this women transforming into a sexy corpse. There are men who get excited by accidents, natural disasters, wars, torture. This is patriarchal necrophilia. And it is not about some pathological cases, but normal men we can encounter on the street. Orhan Pamuk, in “Istabul: Memories and the City” talks in a very neutral manner about the pleasure of watching arsons among young people, especially males, reading about torture methods and disasters. Men like destruction and death in patriarchy. Men like dead, inactive, inert, catatonic women. But why would a woman enjoy such things? An accurate study would provide an answer.


BDSM Latex Vacuum Bed Review | Sex Stuff

Is this BDSM latex vacuum bed your fantasy or your worst nightmare?

Publicată de Super Deluxe pe Luni, 18 Iunie 2018

The patriarchal deal

This is what patriarchy sells to women: protection. Women do anything, but men are very important, because they defend them. The fear against other men keep men in families, in fact keep women working for them.

What we see in the movie below happens in Asia, not only in Africa and other cultures. This picture is described by Jared Diamond (an author and scientist, author of Why Is Sex Fun? ) and even some Asian politicians (Aung san suu kyi). Diamond asks himself in te mentioned book: what are men useful for? And guess what: he cannot answer. Men have bare hands in order to defend their families, if they get attacked.

This is a kind of protection tax, what mafia asks for business owners. The patriarchal family is based on a huge protection tax women pay,  Patriarchy is a criminal organization.

Husband And His Pregnant Wife Coming Back From Farm

Publicată de Gossip Mill Nigeria pe 21 August 2017

A new feminist theory of culture

It is surprising how  women can believe the nonsenses of evolutionary psychology and the nonsenses of the great misogynist named Charles Darwin.  According to Darwin;s ideas, men created culture, even language and music in order to be attractive to women, who chose the best of them. The myths created by these misogynysts reflects their vision, not nature. In animals, females are more creative. In apes, females invent things, including fishing ants. They learn faster. Female rodents learn faster. Females are more creative and intelligent. But they don’t need to display it in order to reproduce.  Because any any animal society is created around females. Men with no sexual value, like Darwin, invented the myth of sexual selection based on male talents. Females want physycal, sexual  attractiveness in males. Because such scholars are not attractive and sexually interesting, they invented this stupid myth. In fact patriarchy is to blame, because women are not free to choose. Women were and are very creative, intelligent etc, but patriarchy suppressed their works (there are a lot of documents supporting it) in order to keep the patriarchal order. Men have access to resources, they share resources, and women are the most important resource. If women don’t realize it, thing will not change. Culture were and is created by women for women because they need it for survival and then, in humans, for higher psychological rewards. Men take advantage from a female invention

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