Radical feminist culture and art

Radical feminist art is not very well spread. But it is a real anti-patriarchal resistance. There are radical feminist films (short films, artistic films, documentaries). There are radical feminist belletristic books (novels, stories etc) and there is radical feminist music.

  Radical feminist short films:

  Radical feminist movies:

  Radical feminist documentaries and tv shows:

  Radical feminist music:

Radical feminist belletristic books question patriarchy, female socialisation (domestication) in this system and imagine new worlds with free women, who don’t live in patriarchy.
A short list or radical feminist fiction, including (or emphasising) on science fiction books is available here:

Memories related to the radical feminist movement are exposed here. But this is only the beginning.

     Radical feminist visual art

Lesbian art is a very important part of the radical feminist art. Some radical feminist artists really shacked the patriarchal standards of beauty. Although most of them belong the historical age of second-wave feminism, the 60’s and 70’s, radical feminist art is still appearing.

There are radical feminist radios and sites about female and feminist art.  Such a site is http://givideo.org

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