7000 years

Table of contents


“7000 years of patriarchy. Until radical feminism”


  1. Patriarchy-history and present
  2. Gender vs. sex
  3. Romantic relationships in patriarchy-human tragedies
  4. Feminism- various currents and perspectives


  1. Patriarchy-history and present
  2. What is patriarchy and why does it exist?
  3. Patriarchy through the curious, sincere, and intelligent eyes of a former Muslim woman
  4. To deny patriarchy means to deny history
  5. The Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh – or vice versa
  6. Patriarchy is even where we don’t see it
  7. The last phase of patriarchy – men’s paradise. What can be done to avoid the sexual and emotional abuse from today’s world?
  8. Gender vs. sex
  9. Lesbians – the real women
  10. What it means to be a man
  11. Men are to blame for all the evil in the world
  12. The true face of homosexuality and heterosexuality
  13. About female (and male) transsexuality in patriarchy
  14. A new trap of the gender – neutral means male
  15. Romantic relationships in patriarchy-human tragedies
  16. Lies about our life – the family
  17. Therese Desqueyroux or the crime of the marriage of a smart woman
  18. What is worse: marriage or prostitution?
  19. What happens when a woman says what she thinks
  20. Women’s complaints
  21. The failure of romantic relationships – patriarchy is to blame
  22. Does romantic love exist or is it a patriarchal construct?
  23. Are there any heterosexual romantic feminist relationships?
  24. Valentine’s day and the princess’s dream
  25. Feminism- new perspectives
  26. A critical view on feminist achievements on the 8h of March
  27. Why human rights are not enough? Why do we need feminism
  28. About women and feminism – obstacles made by ourselves
  29. Women’s liberalism, how much does it help?
  30. History of feminism seen differently, how can we change the world?
  31. The psychoanalysis, feminist critics
  32. A guide to feminist politeness. General principles
  33. A white woman as a savior of all women
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