Radical feminist dating (lesbian and heterosexual)

Women are not sexually free. And even more important, women are not sexually active. Because they obey patriarchal rules, they should please men, not men should please them. Women don’t chose their partners, they don’t initiate relationships in most cases. And they don’t impose their own exigencies.

First of all, women should explore their real sexuality, not those patriarchal recommendations imposed by education. These are against their own interests. In fact they are created in order to deceit and exploit them.
New dating strategies, according to women real sexuality, which should be explored, may be developed. Women must know how to avoid the patriarchal traps. Patriarchal men should be sanctioned, women should avoid them. As in other species, women should chose their partners.

Radical feminist dating applications for lesbian (or heterosexual women who want lesbian-like relationships with men) women have to be developed following radical feminist views on sexuality. Lesbianism plays a crucial part in radical feminism sexual culture. We try to develop such applications. New rules of radical feminist politeness are described in “‘7000 Years“‘.


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