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The myths of patriarchy

Along the history of patriarchy, a lot of myths were created in order to explain the inferior position of women in society, including the sexual restrictions. The Bible and the Greek legends are such examples. Only the modern age, with its “sciences” like Freudian psychoanalysis and sociobiology ( evolutionary psychology) dares to claim that this is what women want. Only this time transformed women into natural prostitutes whose only reward in life is breeding as many kids they can. The Ancient people had not the courage to pretend such nonsenses.

The 8 of March

March 8 2020

Today is the day of women rights. This day should be the day of the fight against patriarchy. In patriarchy women are not human beings, but slaves, i.e. talking tools. Even today, women have not full political, economic rights. In the Ancient Athens, slaves had no right to be elected, because any sexual abused person was dirthy, she or he was not able to take care of a community, if she or he was not able to take care of her or his body. And slavery was often associated to sexual abuse.
A women’s fate is still sexual abuse. A woman can’t be admirabile for her deeds, her ideas, her tallents, but her ability to serve men, especially men of power. Womenhood is still associated to ” femininity”, i.e. patriarchal submission. A woman is more valuable if she has children than if she has crucial scientific, artistic or political contributions for most people. Because women are still women, slaves. Real power is still related to birth, not merits. It still belongs to men.
If there is a force than can change this situation, this force is female solidarity, feminism, which would dismantle patriarchy.

Women and feminism

February 12 2020

I will never understand why most women can’t understand feminism.They don’t understand the roots of their oppression: patriarchy, They deny it when feminists show it. They don’t react to misogyny, they are afraid of feminism and feminists and show sympathy to classical, obviously misogynist authors. They even talk the so-called “badly understood” feminism. Opinion?


December 24 2014

Lesbianism is morality, sincerity, courage. Women who made the choice of becoming lesbians when they were very young showed strength, dignity, courage and intelligence. We all should made the difference between the people with real moral strength and the others. The most important values are universal. Conditions may be harsh, but some people overcome the misery around. We should respect them. Lesbianism is the only moral, courageous, intelligent and sincere option in patriarchy. I always knew it, but I wasn’t as moral and strong as I believed I was. Other women were. They have all my respect. I’d like to help other young women to avoid my traumas. There is no happy ending in heterosexuality, at least in patriarchy.

Radical feminism

December 24 2019

What is radical feminism? It is a feminist curent which states that dismantling patriarchy is the only solution for women liberation. Not specific laws, they are not enough. În order to dismantle patriarchy, we have to know what it is. When did it appear? Why? If we know the conditions which led to its creation, we can find solution to dismantle it. There is no spell which can liberate us. And we can not run far from it. There is no escape, ..except the fight against it. And for that, we need knowledge, science, history, biology.


December 26 2019

One question: do you consider a book which tries to warn girls and young women about the danger of het relationships ( at least in patriarchy) a radical feminist one? We have to take into account that at least in some cares, sexual orientation, especially in women, mai be a choice. Do you consider that saving only one girl from the toil of a het life a radical gesture? Thank you!

Discovery when trying to promote “7000 years”. “Feminist” prejudices

December 30 2019

People don’t want to find out the truth, as I discovered. What is patriarchy? Why is is it possible? What does it support it? Which are the mechanisms which lead to its sustanability? How can we destroy it?
No, this doesn’t matter if these analyses imply some nasty ideas about women cooperation, hierarchy in men and women etc.

Commitment in patriarchy

A post from January 8 2015

Men need time in order to commit to a relationship with a woman. Maybe that time, often years, reflects how much time a man needs in order to consider a woman – a human being. During that time, he discovers and accepts, in a hard and reversible process, a woman’s humanity. Women don’t need so much time, lesbian relationships suggest it.

A thought about equality in patriarchy

A post from January 9 2015

Equality in this society for women:) What a joke! There are still people who think a woman should choose between family/personal life and career, but achievements in his career makes a man sexually and romantically more successful. That’s because women are supposed to serve men in a relationship.

A little thought about beauty in patriarchy

A post from January 8 2015

If a woman wants to be sexy to a man, to make him fall in love with her, she should instil into him the feeling of control and predictability over her behavior. She may be nonconformist and have daring ideas, but all this audacity should look familiar to him, she may be nonconformist in the way he accept it. This is the “love” in patriarchy. A woman may be a more complex object, but still an object. Maybe she can behave like a sophisticated robot, but still a tool for male use. If she’s unpredictable, she’s crazy, and that man will not “love” her. Cosmetics is complicated, but freedom for women in patriarchy is only cosmetic.

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