Radical feminist psycho – and philosophical therapy

Psychology, especially Freud’s mythology (psychoanalysis) is created in order to make women compliant to patriarchy. In fact, it is well known that psychoanalysis appeared when feminism was spreading and rising. It saved patriarchy for a while. Women were put at their places, their sexual ones. Allegedly, nature did, not religion. Nature become the new God. Women have to play their natural parts as submissive beings in bed and life. Sociobiology went farther, creating a new theory of women natural submission.

All the patriarchal (pseudo)-sciences, putting man in the God’s place, hindered feminist enthusiasm and credibility. Science  is the new religion because Nature is the new God. A rational woman should praise science. If science describes her place, what else can change things?

Psychologists replaced priests in this scientific world. And women, who once had to believe the priests as soul healers, now have to believe psychologists. The new soul healers poison them instead, keeping them in patriarchal roles.

Psychology is not a real science, it is not based on the brain’s functioning. And most women’s problems are socio-economic. Women suffer because of patriarchy. But therapists don’t tell them, blaming women instead for their problems.
The best therapy is radical feminism, conscience raising, and women solidarity. Philosophical therapy was already described. And radical feminism is the best philosophical therapy. It provides explanations for real problems, leading to real strategies for solving them. And it strengthens the solidarity between women. Anybody wants to not feel alone, without any social and material support. This social and affective support gives confidence and power to women.

But a real scientific psychotherapy, with a strong biological base, should be developed. Real science, not patriarchal science, is needed, and women can create it.

The Facebook group Feminist psychotherapy is dedicated to feminists who wants to develop a new psychotherapy.

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