Radical feminist view on biology, against sociobiology

In the new secular world, new means of manipulation have been developed. Sociobiology is the poison for male and female minds, the new food for patriarchal “spirituality”. Philosophically thin, contradictory cheap ideas, were advanced as explanations for animal innate behaviour. In fact, forced Darwinian explanations for animal and animal behaviour are proposed (and imposed). These explanations don’t take into account historical, ethnographic, even biological information. Most of the time, they are simply hilarious. But their success, their influence, especially on young male (and female) minds, is very dangerous. They are very efficient in describing women as submissive beings, obsessed with having children (especially males!), ready to sacrifice anything in order to fulfill their biological destiny, which coincide with what patriarchy wants from them.

The authority of science, together with the lack of general culture and critical spirit due to the superficial education in school, confers credibility to such nonsense.

Original critics of sociobiology, alternative explanations, but also new sociobiological ideas, emitted by a radical feminist biologist, will be presented here and can be found in “7000 Years“‘.

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