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Heterosexual relationships in patriarchy

April 8 2020

Heterosexual relationships in patriarchy are toxic for women. if they want to enter such a relationship, women have to prove their patriarchal value, i.e. the talent of being submissive. If they want to keep their relationships, they have to keep being submissive, fake, they have to give up their dreams, dignity, and pursuit of happiness. Such relationships are only for a little material and social security, not for happiness. Because women have no real access to resources, they are exploited. This shows what women are in patriarchy: slaves. Only slaves live for survival.
Society is not interested in women happiness and well being. If so, such relationships would have been forbidden and women would have been protected against them by law. Now, in quarantine and isolation, women are in a bigger danger at home than in the open. Because domestic violence kills more women than this virus. But women safety doesn’t matter. Maybe domestic violence should be named “patriarchal violence”. Women are beaten and killed because they express themselve, they tell what they don’t like, because they don’t behave like sclaves. A woman who doesn’t play her part as an object may be killed.

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