Honor killings and patriarchy

S2 Ep 4 Excerpt | Honor Killings: The Real War on Women

Did you know that in Islamic law, a parent who kills a child suffers no penalty?

Publicată de Michelle Malkin Investigates pe Marţi, 26 Iunie 2018


In patriarchal societies, women are a valuable merchandise (maybe the most valuable). They are raised by a family in order to be sold to another. And if a woman breaks this deal by falling in love with a man (or woman) and going with this person, she cancels an important contract between families the society is based upon. It is like cheating in business. In this case, the broken merchandise should be destroyed. That means the woman should be killed. And this happens more often than we think. And very important, it is not about Islam or another related religion, it is about patriarchy. Religion was created in order to support patriarchy, not the other way around. Hinduism, a very old and polytheistic religion, supports it.

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  1. Elaine Charkowski

    MALE DOMINATION OF WOMEN caused overpopulation and EVERY crisis we now face
    By Elaine Charkowski
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    “Silence is the first thing within the power of the enslaved to shatter. From that shattering, everything else spills forth,” said Robin Morgan in her book “The Demon Lover.”

    Everyone who works for social justice, stopping global warming and saving the environment will continue to just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic unless male domination of women is dealt with!

    Connect the dots!

    • AGRICULTURE is often blamed for the human population explosion and the resulting destruction of Nature. However, for thousands of years, many tribes have cultivated small garden plots but kept their populations stable because women controlled their child bearing. Thus, with a small sustainable population, small gardens were enough to feed the tribe. There was no need for mass industrialized agriculture and it’s use of pesticides, herbicides, etc.

    • MALE DOMINATION OF WOMEN drives mandated and culturally coerced pregnancy.

    • MANDATED AND CULTURALLY COERCED PREGNANCY drives overpopulation which is great for the economy but not for the Earth!

    • OVERPOPULATION drives economic growth due to women’s mostly involuntary re-production of consumer/worker/soldier/breeder units. More than seven billion humans buy a lot more stuff and burn a lot more fossil fuel than two billion did in 1940. This is great for the global economy but not for the Living World.

    • ECONOMIC GROWTH drives habitat destruction by changing the Living World into the Built World of pastures, farmland, cities, manufactured stuff and money for an ever increasing human population to consume.

    • HABITAT DESTRUCTION drives the Sixth Major Extinction.

    Reproductive rights for ALL the world’s women would slow the growth of, and eventually humanely reduce the human population.This is because most women do not choose to have more children than they can feed and care for.

    A reduced human population would save the Living World since fewer humans would consume less habitat, reduce deforestation, burn less fossil fuel and reduce global warming. War would also decrease because women’s involuntary industrialized re-production of soldiers would no longer be mandated. The supply of soldiers would eventually run out as they killed each other off.

    However, men will never relinquish their appropriation of the uterus! Losing control of women as livestock would threaten their global economy!

    If women took back control of their bodies, Patriarchy (the global Earth-devouring male-dominated social system) would collapse and the Living World would breathe a sigh of relief.

    But shhh! Never mention male domination of women! Dance around it and only name the symptoms!

    Overpopulation, (if it’s even mentioned at all) is the MAIN SYMPTOM of the male domination of women which caused ALL the other symptoms (global warming, ocean acidification, war, pollution, desertification, deforestation, drought, famine, habitat destruction, endangered species, etc).

    What to Do

    1. IMMEDIATE international action must be taken to enable EVERY women on Earth to have reproductive rights.

    2. Every soldier from every military on Earth (tens of millions of them) must be deployed to plant billions of trees, restoring habitat and cleaning up pollution instead of killing people.

    3. 3.75 BILLION EMERGENCY VASECTOMIES would slow and reverse the human population explosion. Since one man can impregnate many women, it’s time to regulate MEN’s bodies for a change.

  2. Make a more new posts please 🙂

  3. Insensitively written, especially about women! I do not recommend this route!
    Even if the points are valid, to talk about human female as a “thing” or “animal “ is NEVER acceptable! I recommend EXTREME SENSITIVITY towards women, as human beings!

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