Patriarchal words and translations

There are much more examples like that. The patriarchal vision on women, their actions, oriented the translations from old languages. Even Virgin Mary was a young woman, not a virgin. but patriarchy likes virginity in women. In Islam there are a lot of legends about other cases of  immaculate conceptions,  and not only about prophets like Jesus, but even living clerics. Women are whores or virgins. Traduttore, traditore, as Italians say. In this case, women are always betrayed by patriarchy, even in books. But women scholars should change the situation.

Has The Odyssey been mistranslated?

“A translator always makes choices.”Classicist Dr Emily Wilson is the first woman to translate The Odyssey into English – and she found that many men before her added sexist or misogynist terms that never existed in the original Greek.

Publicată de Channel 4 News pe Duminică, 13 Mai 2018

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