A little thought about feminist currents

A post from November 12 2019

What happens when other feminist currents, not radical feminism, influence laws: there are women teachers in prison for having sex with their high school students, there are women condemned for sexual harassment. Why? Because this laws don’t take into account patriarchy and the biological differences between women and men. Sex with an underage person is a crime when the younger person is forced by authority and physical power. A teacher has authority, but she has no patriarchy to support her.And no physical power to overcome the student. And a male student dreams of having sex with a teacher anyway. It is a reward for him. In sexual harassment, not the sexual part is a crime, but the force, the threat with physical power. Women are not afraid of men dreaming of having sex with them, but of being forced to have sex. But the worse thing is that there are women in prison for fighting for their lives, who killed heir agressors. It is not like a man is killing in self defence. It is worse. Women are in greater danger. Radical feminism would erase this legal nonsense.

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