The 8 of March

March 8 2020

Today is the day of women rights. This day should be the day of the fight against patriarchy. In patriarchy women are not human beings, but slaves, i.e. talking tools. Even today, women have not full political, economic rights. In the Ancient Athens, slaves had no right to be elected, because any sexual abused person was dirthy, she or he was not able to take care of a community, if she or he was not able to take care of her or his body. And slavery was often associated to sexual abuse.
A women’s fate is still sexual abuse. A woman can’t be admirabile for her deeds, her ideas, her tallents, but her ability to serve men, especially men of power. Womenhood is still associated to ” femininity”, i.e. patriarchal submission. A woman is more valuable if she has children than if she has crucial scientific, artistic or political contributions for most people. Because women are still women, slaves. Real power is still related to birth, not merits. It still belongs to men.
If there is a force than can change this situation, this force is female solidarity, feminism, which would dismantle patriarchy.

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