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“7000 years” is written by an academic who wants to counteract the patriarchal “science” which in already in the mainstream culture. In fact, biosociology, a new patriarchal religion written on “scientific” keys, like eugenics or racist science, but also the Freudian mythology, a while ago, was intensely criticised in the “70s. But now, although some theses are controversial and contested in the scientific world, the resistence against it from the public opinion is almost absent. Men and women are getting coping with this nonsense which harms women so much. The message sent by this Nazi “science” is that women don’t want something else than patriarchy and patriarcahl men, it is in their genes, as men want female slave, which is also in their genes. In this respect, the hand (and the brain) of a radical feminist scientist is highly needed. And fortunately, this species, although very frail, is not extinct.

Bellow there are a few new scientific ideas, which have to be published elsewhere, but they are present in “7000 years”.

What is patriarchy and why does it exist?

“But in the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and bonobo (Pan paniscus), the females are strangers in the group. Until recently it wasn’t known why males bring female chimpanzees into the group. Very likely they do this to improve their social position, I proposed. No matter how a female’s social status is, it grows when she is in heat and a friendship between a male and a female with a lower status offers him protection. Probably the signs of fecundity have disappeared for this reason (for example in humans). But who makes primatology studies and puts females first? In social animals, females want a higher status and they would have benefits if they look in heat all the time. Another cause would be the low energy (probably in humans but also in solitary species, like the orangutan). The signs of fecundity are energophagous. “

In chimpanzees and other apes, females are afraid of males, who often make demonstrations of strength. But they are strangers in the group, isolated from their families. The idea is that females can be mastered only if they are isolated, and then bonobo females unite against the males although they are strangers in the group. They also solve problems through sex. Perhaps this is the reason sex is so prohibited in patriarchal societies so that women can’t have any agency. Female sexuality is considered something disgusting, miserable, something that causes repulsion to men. Women’s agency, mother’s agency, destroys patriarchy. Not by accident the female matriarchal idols were transformed into monsters when the patriarchy was established.

An interview with Heide Gotner-Abendroth, the founder of the study of matriarchal (matrilineal) societies, who made most of the studies on Mosuo in the southwest of China. Women, tells something about the organization of these societies. Mothers have the dominant social role there. The families are formed around mothers who are passing their status and fortune to their daughters. Men live in their mother’s house. Children are educated by the mother’s clan, the father figure is the figure of the uncle (the mother’s brother). The father is known, but he doesn’t count too much socially. These societies are more peaceful. More, it’s very possible that the germs of democracy could exist there, at least from some points of view. It was believed that democracy would be a democracy of the fist, which came from military democracy, meaning crowds of men armed who wanted equal rights between them. The balance of treats would have led to democracy, to the vote. But matriarchal societies are negotiating the conflicts all the time, they have a big ability to attenuate them and the social, human qualities are very well outlined. Should we believe that everything good in society came from there? Zoon politikon would be in fact matriarchal. Philosophy, the general inclination to understand the human nature could also come from there? But let’s not forget these societies are small, people know each other, for these reasons the abuses would be fewer. This besides the fact that the strength and aggression, but also the virility associated with them, would not be considered values there. In patriarchal societies, the solution to women’s fear of men is the association with a socially powerful man who offers them protection against other men.

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